Did you know that
is said able to cure various health problems?

Among them are hypertension, diabetes, gastric, and MORE!

The purpose of this Website

The main purpose of this website is to allow us to share information on methods and nutritional properties of soursop, especially in treating health problems. Through feedback from those who have tried treatment with soursop, hopefully we can know what diseases or health problems are effective when treated with soursop and how to treat them.

If you are not familiar with soursop tree, please click here for a brief introduction.

We have no soursop related products such as pills and others. What we would like to highlight here is the use of soursop (whether leaves, fruit, etc.) naturally, without too much additional processing.

So, if you have health problems and would like to know whether soursop can help, you can refer to the "Users Feedback" located on the side of this website to find out the experiences of others who have tried treatment with soursop in solving their health problems.

However, we recommend that you consult a doctor first to each of your health problem. If doctor treatment does not work, and maybe you have also tried several other herbal products and is not effective, then you are recommended to try treatment with soursop even though your health problem is not listed in the "Users Feedback".

To ensure the validity of the facts in the feedback from users, all feedback that we display are from cases that we ourselves had witnessed or verified.

For additional information, you may also refer to the "Articles and Discussions About Soursop" located on the side of this website.

We also show you How to Make Soursop Juice from the Soursop fruit which is ideal for those who want to eat soursop fruit, but does not like the taste. Also shown is How to Make Soursop Tea from the Leaves of Soursop where drinking the tea is the most common way to treat health problems using soursop.

Through the latest technology, it is now not required to get soursop leaves or fruits to treat diseases using soursop. GRAVIOLA, a product of soursop leaves extract in the form of liquid, can be consumed by simply adding water to it. For more information on GRAVIOLA, please click here.

We hope the information on this website can provide many benefits to you.

For any questions or suggestions, please e-mail to us at email_durianbelanda@yahoo.com or send via the Suggestion Box located on the side of DURIANBELANDA DOT COM website (a new tab/window will be opened).

Medicinal Benefits

Many are not aware that the leaves and fruit of soursop has many benefits for the use of traditional and modern medicine.

Residents in the range of the Andes make a powder of tea leaves to treat sore throats, diarrhea and fever.

For the indigenous tribes in Guyana, they overcome various diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and liver disease by making powdered tea from the leaves. They also overcome the problem of joint pains and aches of the body using oil extracted from the young leaves.

Especially for new mothers who give birth, women of this tribes are encouraged to take soursop fruit to increase breast milk while avoiding the problem of tension.

Other uses are as a cure for malaria and stomach ulcers.

In modern medicine, studies found that the material contained in soursop fruit may be used as antibacterial, anticancer, antitumor, astrigen and neurological diseases.

How to Make Soursop Tea

The main purpose of drinking the tea from the leaves of soursop is to treat various health problems.

Although all parts of soursop is said to be able to treat many health problems, but from our experience, treatment by drinking the tea from the leaves of soursop is the most effective against many health problems, the most easily prepared and can be taken by most people.

Through the latest technology, it is now not required to get soursop leaves or fruits to treat diseases using soursop. GRAVIOLA, a product of soursop leaves extract in the form of liquid, can be consumed by simply adding water to it. For more information on GRAVIOLA, please click here.

In fact, if you refer to the "Articles and Discussions About Soursop" located on the side of this website page, you will find that there are people who claimed to have recovered from the problem of cancer by drinking the tea from the leaves of soursop.

Some people suggest that the best soursop leaves to make tea is the fresh matured leaves which are still green. But from our experience, many are not willing to drink it because of the taste.

What we suggest is to first dry the fresh matured leaves which are still green in the house for 3 days or more, i.e. not under direct sunlight.

Example of dried soursop leaves and ready for use as tea is like the image below.

Example of storage of soursop leaves for drying process is like the image below. Place in a dry and clean area in your house.

Ideally the leaves should be used within no more than 40 days after taken from the trees. This is to ensure that the nutrition is still at a level that is expected when used.

There are several ways to make tea from the dried leaves of soursop. Below is one way of making it which we recommend because it is very effective for treating many health problems and is also very easy to prepare.

Ingredients: (for one person)
1) 250 ml drinking water.
2) 3 pieces of dried soursop leaves.

1) Heat water to boiling.
2) Rinse the soursop leaves to be used with clean water to remove impurities such as dust and the like.
3) Cut thin (about ½ cm in width like the image below) the soursop leaves and put in a mug.

4) Pour the boiling water into the mug.
5) Let the tea cool / warm to drink.

For normal dose, drink once a day before bed.

If you try to treat diseases such as cancer, try to take the tea 5 or 6 times a day. On the first day, take 2 or 3 times a day then increase gradually. You may also be interested to follow "Discussion 2" in the Articles and Discussions About Soursop located on the side of this website page.
NOTE: We are unable to ensure the validity of information about treatment for cancer because we have never met any person who has tried it.

Treatment effects are usually felt after 2 or 3 days. You will begin to feel less pain. If no improvement after a week, this treatment may be ineffective for the disease being treated.

For health problems that do not have a clear sense of pain, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, you need to monitor the readings of blood pressure / blood sugar to find out whether the treatment works or not.

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  1. thank you for this commentary... as a student it can helpme in my projects.... thank you very much and i hope that you can made this kind of investigation...

  2. Thanks very much, I've started taking the tea, and am realising the benefits. Thanks a lot, bt pls can I grind the dry leaves to make it powdery and use for tea??

    1. Should be OK to grind the dried leaves and use for tea.

  3. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in
    it or something. I think that you could do with some pics
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  6. I read that you should boil the leaves for 30 minutes until water is reduced by half. What do you think about this?

  7. ist alright to drink the boiled tea leaves 3 days after it its boiled?

    1. Hi, not recommended to keep the tea for more than a day. The best is to drink it as soon as it is ready.

  8. So glad that I found your blog. I just picked a few soursop leaves from my neighbors guanabana tree here in Costa Rica. I love the fruit however, it's not quite ripe yet so I thought i'd let the leaves dry for three days and then make the tea. As a cancer survivor I thought this would be a great as preventive medicine.

  9. can the leaves cure water retainsion in the stomach?

  10. can graviola help to shrink fibroid and for how long?

    1. Based on feedback we received, noticeable shrinking of fibroid is experienced after taking Graviola (the pure leaves extract) for about 1 month.

  11. thanks very much for the information, i started taking it and a lot of effect have been observed


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3. Properly selected leaves which are free of insect bites, torn and so on.

4. The fresh soursop leaves is then dried naturally. Example of dried soursop leaves is like the image below.

NOTE: Fresh soursop leaves needs to be dried in order to keep it for longer period of time.

5. The dried soursop leaves are then sent to factory for making GRAVIOLA via scientific extraction process.

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