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is said able to cure various health problems?

Among them are hypertension, diabetes, gastric, and MORE!

The purpose of this Website

The main purpose of this website is to allow us to share information on methods and nutritional properties of soursop, especially in treating health problems. Through feedback from those who have tried treatment with soursop, hopefully we can know what diseases or health problems are effective when treated with soursop and how to treat them.

If you are not familiar with soursop tree, please click here for a brief introduction.

We have no soursop related products such as pills and others. What we would like to highlight here is the use of soursop (whether leaves, fruit, etc.) naturally, without too much additional processing.

So, if you have health problems and would like to know whether soursop can help, you can refer to the "Users Feedback" located on the side of this website to find out the experiences of others who have tried treatment with soursop in solving their health problems.

However, we recommend that you consult a doctor first to each of your health problem. If doctor treatment does not work, and maybe you have also tried several other herbal products and is not effective, then you are recommended to try treatment with soursop even though your health problem is not listed in the "Users Feedback".

To ensure the validity of the facts in the feedback from users, all feedback that we display are from cases that we ourselves had witnessed or verified.

For additional information, you may also refer to the "Articles and Discussions About Soursop" located on the side of this website.

We also show you How to Make Soursop Juice from the Soursop fruit which is ideal for those who want to eat soursop fruit, but does not like the taste. Also shown is How to Make Soursop Tea from the Leaves of Soursop where drinking the tea is the most common way to treat health problems using soursop.

If you require the leaves but not available in your area, we can supply it to you by mail. For more information, please click here.

Please note that you are always invited to make this website as a reference on the use of soursop even if you do not buy the leaves from us.

If you buy soursop leaves from us, we will not ask any questions about the intended use of the leaf or request any feedback from you. Any questions or feedback from you is voluntary on your part.

We hope the information on this website can provide many benefits to you.

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Medicinal Benefits

Many are not aware that the leaves and fruit of soursop has many benefits for the use of traditional and modern medicine.

Residents in the range of the Andes make a powder of tea leaves to treat sore throats, diarrhea and fever.

For the indigenous tribes in Guyana, they overcome various diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and liver disease by making powdered tea from the leaves. They also overcome the problem of joint pains and aches of the body using oil extracted from the young leaves.

Especially for new mothers who give birth, women of this tribes are encouraged to take soursop fruit to increase breast milk while avoiding the problem of tension.

Other uses are as a cure for malaria and stomach ulcers.

In modern medicine, studies found that the material contained in soursop fruit may be used as antibacterial, anticancer, antitumor, astrigen and neurological diseases.

User Feedback: Treatment for Diabetes

7 April 2012
Reference: 015
Female, 46 years

An employee of a wet market have complained to me about diabetes that she had suffered since 4 years ago.

She went to the doctor every month and the doctor gave her medication. She took the medication as directed. But the reading of her diabetes has increased from time to time.

When she complained to me, the reading of her diabetes was 12 (fasting).

I recommend her to try drinking soursop leaves tea. She agreed to try.

After approximately 3 weeks of drinking the soursop leaves tea and also continue to take medication from the doctor, she went to the doctor as scheduled. Her diabetes reading had dropped to 8 (fasting) and the doctor stopped giving her medication. She did not tell the doctor about soursop leaves tea that she took every day.

When I met her again to say hello, she was very happy to tell me about the reading of her diabetes which had dropped. I advise her to continue to drink the soursop leaves tea until the reading of her diabetes become normal.

23 Jun 2012: She went to the doctor as scheduled about 2 weeks ago. Her diabetes reading is now 7 (fasting). The doctor no longer give her medicine and asked her to come back again in 3 months time. She still continues to drink the soursop leaves tea.

23 September 2012: She went to the doctor as scheduled recently. Her diabetes reading is now 6 (fasting) which means normal. She still continues to drink the soursop leaves tea.

Preparation and Dosage: 3 pieces of dried soursop leaves made ​​tea to drink once a day. The time of taking the tea is spaced from the time of taking the medicine. Example: If the medicine is taken in the morning, the tea is taken in the evening or night.

User Feedback: Treatment for Gastric and Treatment for Acne

25 February 2012
Reference: 014
Female, 21 years

I saw a shop assistant has many acne on her face. I recommended her to try to treat the acne using soursop leaves tea by applying the tea solution on the entire face every night. She agreed to try.

She also asked me how to treat gastric that she has been suffering over the past few years. I recommended her to try to treat gastric by drinking soursop leaves tea every day. She also agreed to try it.

After approximately 3 months, I met with the shop assistant. Acne on her face has gone, only a slight darkening effect.

I asked her about her gastric problems. She told me that the gastric had healed. In fact she does not drink the soursop leaves tea anymore and has stopped taking medications from hospital.

Preparation and Dosage: For treating gastric, 3 pieces of dried soursop leaves made ​​tea to drink every day. Small amount of the tea is applied on the entire face to treat acne.

User Feedback: Treatment for Gastric

08 January 2012
Reference: 013
Female, 68 years

I suffered from gastric problems over the past years. I have tried various types of medications including drugs from hospitals and private clinics as well as several brands of traditional products. The result is less satisfactory where gastric pains still come from time to time even though I take medications and control my diets.

Finally, I tried by drinking soursop leaves tea. After a few days, I could notice some improvements. But I experienced side effects. I felt some pain in my ankle and wrist. Due to this problem I reduced the frequency of taking the soursop tea to once every 3 or 4 days. This way, the side effects become less, but the gastric problem cannot heal completely.

The side effects that I experienced does not surprise me. Before this, each time I tried a new herbal product, I would get different side effects.

Anyway, I still continue drinking the soursop tea once every 3 or 4 days to control my gastric problem. This is the best way so far.

Preparation and Dosage: 3 pieces of dried soursop leaves made ​​tea to drink once every 3 or 4 days.

User Feedback: Treatment for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

20 December 2011
Reference: 012
Female, 48 years
Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA

I have high blood pressure and was taking medication in the last 7 years. Since taking the medication, I experienced some side effects such as urination problem and pain in the body, especially in the back and fingers.

About a month ago, I went to the hospital for regular checkups as directed. My blood pressure reading was not satisfactory - 150/100. So the doctor changed my medication.

The new medication have made the side effects that I have been experiencing become worse. I feel like not willing to go on like this anymore.

On a day, I heard my friends chatting about the benefits of soursop. I asked them how to treat high blood pressure. They suggested I drink soursop leaves tea.

As side effects from the new medication is quite severe, I decided to not take the medication anymore. I only drink soursop tea every day.

After 3 days, the side effects that I experienced were almost gone. I feel more energetic and cheerful.

After about 3 weeks drinking the soursop tea, I went to the hospital for regular checkups as directed. My blood pressure reading was satisfactory - 130/80. So the doctor again changed my medication, but I did not tell the doctor that I no longer take the medication. I just accept the medication.

Preparation and Dosage: 3 pieces of dried soursop leaves made ​​tea to drink once a day at night.

User Feedback: Treatment for Acne and Treatment for Dry Skin

02 December 2011
Reference: 009 Female, 17 years
Reference: 010 Female, 17 years
Reference: 011 Female, 17 years
Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA

I saw three students of a school have problem on their face. One has many acne (Reference: 009), another has a lot of small pimples (Reference: 010) and another has dry skin redness on the cheeks (Reference: 011). All of them have tried many products to treat their problems, but less effective. Now they have given up using any products.

I have read in durianbelanda.com of someone who had treated her pimple using soursop tea and recommended the three of them to try the treatment by drinking the tea and also applying it on their entire face.

A week later when I met them, their acne, pimple and dry skin almost healed. They told me that they did not drink the soursop tea because they do not like the taste. They only apply the soursop tea on their face every night.

Another week later, the problem on their faces was fully recovered. Only the one with acne still has black marks on her face.

Thank you durianbelanda.com. I am also happy with the three students.

Preparation and Dosage: One dried soursop leaf made tea using about 1/3 mug of boiled water. Once the tea cooled, apply on entire face. Do not rinse, just let dry by itself. Do every night.

Soursop Leaves for Sale

If you require soursop leaves but not available in your area, we can supply it to you by mail.

Characteristics of soursop leaves which we supply are as follows:

1. Mature and fresh green leaves. Example of fresh soursop leaves is like the image below.
NOTE: We no longer ship the soursop leaves out of Malaysia.

2. Taken from plants in Malaysia which does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

3. Properly selected leaves which are free of insect bites, torn and so on.

4. The fresh soursop leaves is then dried naturally. Our drying process ensures the leaves effectiveness is maintained. Example of dried soursop leaves is like the image below.

NOTE: Fresh soursop leaves needs to be dried in order to keep it for longer period of time.

Below is the price list including shipping via Pos Laju for shipment within Malaysia only for fresh or dried soursop leaves.

A) 100 pieces soursop leaves; RM30

B) 200 pieces soursop leaves; RM50

C) 300 pieces soursop leaves; RM70

D) 400 pieces soursop leaves; RM90

NOTE: 100 pieces Dried soursop leaves should be enough for about one month supply for a consumer who consumed regular doses of three leaves per day.

If your order fails to reach the delivery address, please report it to us via e-mail email_durianbelanda@yahoo.com. We will refer the matter to the relevant service provider. If the service provider confirmed delivery has failed, then you can choose either:
1. Cancel your order. We will return to you the payment that you have made but not including the shipping cost. We will also deduct the commission costs that may be imposed by the credit card transaction.
2. Request for re-shipment ​​at no additional cost. Please note that this option is not valid if the delivery failure was caused by an incorrect shipping address or the recipient fails to accept delivery.

NOTE: Purchases using credit cards cannot be done currently.

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